Web hosting types we have in our offer

The range of hosting services we provide isn’t huge, if we are talking about basic types. You have to understand that many web hosting variations involve an allegation of various kinds of web hosting. Take one type of hosting and add some aspect of another and you get a new form. In essence, we offer three types of web hosting, and if you go through our offer, you will see a lot of packages that include those hosting combinations.


Virtual private server hosting

vpsVPS aka virtual private server is one type of web hosting we offer. This kind of website hosting is more expensive than regular types because it’s focused on the performance. VPS servers are isolated from other VPS’s due to focus on security and independence. If you opt for this kind of web hosting, you will be safe from interference from other websites and the performance of your site won’t be affected by increased traffic of other sites.

One significant advantage of VPS is the number of the same on a single physical server. A standard physical server contains more than one hundred of virtual ones. That same physical box will contain no more than twenty virtual personal servers. The effect of this is seen in highly increased performance on these VPS’s.

Another thing that increases the performance of a VPS is the RAM. Whenever you rent a VPS, you gain an amount of RAM that is allocated to you, and you don’t have to share it with anyone else. We do this with our standard servers as well, but the amount of RAM you gain with RAM can’t be compared with the amount you earn with VPS.

PHP – the most common type of hosting

PHP hosting is the most common way to host servers. You can argue that there are many types of PHP hosting, and in reality, there are many of those. We utilize multi-server cluster system PHP which operates by several servers that share the workload. Many other companies use only one server which, after a while, becomes overstuffed because it runs all services. This is an inefficient way to run this type of business, and thus we opt for the multi-server option.

Multi-server cluster system incorporates several servers where every one of those servers has its function (one focuses on DNS, another on email and so on). This kind of setup produces the maximum overall performance which is perfect for complex applications like Joomla and e-Commerce. This is also one of the reasons many existing web hosting clients leave our competition and join us.


Our way of running the web hosting business

Glide Mobile isn’t at the top of Australian online hosting due to a fluke. We earned this place. People have seen the advantages we offer and they joined us. Just take a look at what we offer and compare it with other Australian based hosting companies and you will see why we are the best on the market.