Types of large web hosting that we offer

Our company offers all kind of services that you can find in our packages. We provide support for individuals and their pages, so-called small web hosting services, but our focus lies on large web hosting. We aren’t a company that relies on one, or just a few, type of web hosting; our organization offers a broad array of services across a multitude of different packages.

Primary web hosting types in our use

web-hostingFirst of all, it’s important to mention that we use a lot of the various kinds of web hosting, some more and some less important, and we won’t list every single one of them in this post. We will also avoid talking about cloud hosting, as it is a subject for itself.

One deal that we offer is the dedicated hosting where rent web servers to our clients. The client gains full control of the server, and they have to manage it by themselves, but there is also an option where we take that part of the job on. The maintenance of the server is on the customer, as well as the security. This is one of the cheapest options, as the client takes a lot of work on themselves.

Another form of dedicated service is the managed hosting, where the customer gains a limited control over the server. The customer who rents the server has a kind of restricted access to it where they can manage their data and use management tools they prefer. The client doesn’t have root access to the server, and thus they can’t modify it. We, as a provider, offer a guarantee of quality of our services and unlimited access to our servers could cause some configuration problems.

Colocation web hosting – An expensive way to store your data

One of the most expensive ways to store and manage your data is to own a colo server. This is also an excellent way to secure your data, as you place the physical server in our hands, and we care for it. One of the big advantages of this type of web hosting is the availability of a constant internet access, as well as electrical power and secure storage facility for the server.


We also offer packages that include maintenance of your server. This may include updates on the system configuration and hardware and software changes. Another option is to place the security of your server in our hands, and in that case, we will take care of the safety of the data you store. This kind of web hosting is best for companies who rely on constant internet access.

This is a complicated and expensive way to store information, so be sure to contact our support and get more info about colo servers and what type of advantages they offer.