More about our company and the way we work

customer-supportWe are a transparent company and thus we are willing to share everything that you, as a potential client, want. You have the option to contact our customer support, and they will try to answer all of the questions you ask. They will also provide you with instructions about packages and other info you need. But, before you go on and contact them, it is smart to read throughout our WeW, because you will find a lot of information in our articles.

In this section, we will try and shed a bit of light on some things that many new clients find confusing. If you can’t locate the info you seek here, or in another article, or you find the explanation confusing, then you should contact the support, and they will explain it to you.

General data about various aspects of our business

dataMany people will ask our support about the flexibility of our packages, or to be more precise, whether they can change (tweak) them. Yes, our plans are flexible, and any client of ours can upgrade their plans if they require more resources for their business.

We understand the need for additional resources due to the expansion of business you run and thus we offer a fast and easy way to upgrade your existing plan. You just have to go to your account and order an expansion and decide the size of that increase. The process will be over in a couple of hours.

Clients that have some basic understanding of web hosting have concerns regarding the capacity of the internet servers. This is a reasonable concern, as overstuffed servers cause problems to websites that experience large spikes in traffic.

We don’t limit our servers on the client number basis but the basis of resources. No matter the number of customers, our servers don’t exceed 80 percent of memory usage. This limit allows us to be flexible and to provide you with high responsiveness, which reflects in the quick and smooth response of your website and services you offer through it.

Other questions concerning Australian web hosting

the back-up dataPeople have concerns about domestic web hosting and the back-up of their data. Those people understand the cost of the back-up and their concerns are reasonable. But, as any other serious web hosting company, we do keep a back-up of your files, for the internal reasons. We advise our clients to have their back-ups because we can’t offer 100 percent assurance of data backup for everything our customers use on their websites.

We already talked about the importance of having a physical location of a host in a country in which you reside. It’s not all about supporting domestic companies, but gaining the best load time and fastest data transfer you deserve.

Our clients are our primary concern

Some web hosting companies have very low transparency and their pages are filled with various offers, and they lack articles that explain those packages. We want to earn the trust of our clients, and we will try to earn it through extensive and informative articles. These posts address all aspects of our business and everything our potential customers might ask.