Web hosting – Foreign vs Domestic

domestic-web-hostingBoth of these choices, foreign and domestic hosting, have their advantages, and we are here to inform you about them. We offer both of these, but we prefer local clients because it is easier to work with them. We don’t want our customers to choose us just because we come from the same country, but due to our superior services. We also want to explain you, our potential customers, why it is better to work with us, people whose servers are in Australia, rather than with companies whose servers are overseas.

Advantages of domestic web hosting

It’s true that companies that keep their servers in their country have higher prices than those whose servers are overseas. This is also the case with us; we wouldn’t be able to work if we lowered our prices to those of the competition who keep their servers in third-world countries. You might think that we are making a wrong business decision with keeping our business within the boundaries of the Australia, but we are content with our choices. And if you stick with us you will see why we made this choice.

serverKeeping a server in a country that provides the ability to reduce the price of web hosting has its disadvantages. People who are willing to give up on security, and proper maintenance of the server to save a bit of money, opt for companies whose servers are overseas. We aren’t like that because we want to provide high-quality service and we can’t provide that with foreign servers.

Another problem we want to avoid is the fact that laws change, and some laws may interfere with web hosting services we provide. The level of security is determined by the laws, and countries that offer low-cost server maintenance, don’t have enough laws that protect online users. Changes to those rules, even though they might be positive, might hurt server owners, and we don’t want to deal with that on top of everything we do.

Other limitations we avoid through domestic servers

load-timeLoad time is a big issue many companies face, and we avoid it with domestically based servers. It takes a lot more time for data to travel from Africa to Australia than for it to travel within a country. We don’t want these issues with our services and we don’t want to plague our clients with slow load times. The solutions for this are the internal servers, and that comes with a price.

Cheap servers come with weak technical specifications, and that might hinder some clients who place a lot of data on the server. As some of the clients require a lot of space for their data, servers with weak specifications become slow as the amount of data increases.

Conclusion – Cheap isn’t always better

Cutting corners to lower the price of our packages is something we don’t want to do. Working with cheap servers and customer support that is available only a couple of hours per day is also something that we don’t want to do. For us, it’s unacceptable to offer sub-par services just because we wanted to save some money.