Web hosting in detail

Web hosting is an online service that allows parties to store their data on the World Wide Web and access it whenever they want. A company that works in this line of business provides the space where their clients can store their data. Some of these companies rent full servers to their customers, all depending on the type of service and package the client requires.

Two types of web hosting – Small hosting services

small-hosting-servicesNo matter whether you opt for domestic web hosting company like Glide Mobile, or an outside party, you will have two types of hosting to choose from, small and large services. There are distinct advantages of domestic hosting, especially for countries like Australia, but we will discuss this later.

Very few companies offer web hosting on a small scale. This type of hosting doesn’t have enough flexibility, and there aren’t many clients who opt for it. Small scale web hosting services include single page hosting, and many countries offer this type of service for free. Some limits do exist, but a tiny number of people will go for paid services because their web pages aren’t there to bring in revenue.

Individuals who want to earn money through their page require paid services because they don’t have limitations. Glide Mobile introduces several types of small hosting services for people who seek a reliable hosting service and the access to many options they can’t find in free hosting.

Two types of web hosting –Large hosting services

large-hosting-servicesGlide Mobile’s primary client base is the large companies that require constant use of multiple servers. This kind of hosting needs complex site outline and packages that provide continuous support and development of application platforms. Many different packages exist, and our company offers a broad range of services that help those businesses in all aspects of online web hosting.

Many of our large clients went from oversea hosting companies to us because we created a working environment where they could prosper. We introduced many compact packages that weren’t present on the domestic market and our professional take on this type of business attracted those customers. Many of those current customers had problems with uptime and reliability of those foreign hosting parties, and due to that, they were on the lookout for a domestic company who would fulfill their desire for excellent services. That is where we come into the game.

All of our employees are experts in their respective fields, and they keep our uptime at the top of the market. Reliability isn’t something you buy; a company has to work hard to become a reliable option for clients. We have proven our reliability over the course of several years, and multiple satisfied customers are the proof of our professional take on the web hosting.

Conclusion – Glide Mobile is here to change the market

The time of overseas web hosting superiority in Australia is over. We are just one of the domestic companies that offer superior services to our clients. We do have packages to foreign parties, but our focus is on providing high-quality web hosting to internal customers.