Everything you need to know about cloud hosting

cloud-technologyCloud technology is a rather new tech, and in the last couple of years, many small businesses have moved toward cloud hosting. The idea of a fully visualized storage without the need of physical server is incredible, and that same goes for web hosting. Being able to offer web services without the need of physical server is an excellent opportunity for companies that provide it as well as for clients that are in need of those services.

We introduced cloud hosting to keep up with the competition, but we also provide additional info about it. Many people fail to mention all advantages and disadvantages of this technology, and they lose their clients in that way. We at Glide Mobile run a transparent business, and thus we give you all the crucial data about the cloud, data that might sway you towards or away from this type of hosting.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

cloud-tech1There is a set-up time when you order a service package that involves web hosting. This isn’t the case with Cloud technology. It will take up to an hour to set-up your share of the cloud storage, and you will gain access to all the tools and space in very short time.

Cloud hosting is rather cheap if you compare it with other types of web hosting. Our cloud-based packages are cheap because this kind of service requires a small number of people who maintain it. That sort of service has no software requirements, which is another reason for its low price.

Due to the nature of this technology, we work with small business only, because it is perfect for companies whose number of workers doesn’t exceed five people. It’s possible to work with larger enterprises, but that can lead to various problems, and therefore we can’t guarantee a high-quality service.

Disadvantages of the cloud tech

cloud-techCloud technology is at its infancy stage, and the servers go down every once in a while. This can happen once in a week, or twice in one day. Using this tech for online storage is OK, and it won’t hurt you when their servers go down. But this kind of thing can hurt people who use this tech for web hosting.

Another problem with fully visualized hosting is the lack of access to the files due to the inability to connect to the internet. If your internet goes down, then you won’t be able to access the data you have on the cloud server. This might, in some cases, hurt your business.

As you can see, cloud hosting isn’t a perfect way to store and use data, as it has its pros and cons. Contact our support and get some info about cloud hosting before you order a package that involves this technology.