About Us

Glide Mobile is a leading web hosting company in Australia. We have built our reputation through dedication toward our clients. Focusing on the customer and their needs made us evolve from a small business to a giant in the web hosting business. Clients that work with us receive our full attention, and we try to improve their working conditions with a wide array of tools that might help them.

We opted for internal servers because we know that people value fast data transfer as well as load time. We are the Australian pioneers when it comes to this and even though many thought that we would fail, here we are, stronger than ever.

Nothing of this would be possible without a team of experts that work for our company. We understand that greatness only comes from those that are willing to work hard towards it. All of our employees are professionals that went through web hosting and web design schools and courses. This means that we can deliver high-quality products to our customers as well as high-quality support that will ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Team Members:

About Us

Web Development Manager 

Mike Wiley


My job is to oversee other employees and to ensure the quality of the products we offer. I am responsible for maintenance and updates of our system. The updating part of the job also includes implementation of new features and checking whether new content works correctly.

About Us

Sales and Support Consultant

Martin Brewer

I am here to oversee the staff that deals with clients. My primary job is to ensure that all sales are going without problems and that our customers are satisfied with products they buy. Often I get in contact with a customer if our support team can’t clarify an inquiry made by the same client.

About Us

Web Developer

Jennifer Rousseau

Me, as well as all the others web developers are experts in the field of server development and our responsibilities lie on maintenance of our databases where we ensure high-level responsiveness and performance of the products we offer. We manage the interchange of data that happens between clients and our servers.